Kiyra Artisse

Master Energy Healer and Transformational Coach
Energy healing employs spiritual healing methods which expand the awareness of the energy healer and uses energy, color and light healing techniques to catalyze healing in the patient's energy field (aura and chakra system)—helping the client break free from afflictions and limitations of body, mind and spirit. It may provide enhanced quality of life and facilitate spiritual growth.

Energy healing is often a powerful spiritual path bringing the recipient and practitioner closer to the Universal Life Force. 



Reiki - Energy Healing

In a Reiki session, Universal Life Energy is trasmitted to the client with the intention to create deep relaxation, promoting healing, reducing pain, and decreasing other symptoms of ailments affecting the client. Read more...
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Enhancing your skills are key to success, whether they are interpersonal or technical skills. We can provide you with inidividualized training or provide training for your team across a wide variety of topics. Our trainers are hold the highest degrees in their field, are noted experts lecture at universities.  Read more...


Coaching is about sriving to be better and reaching new heights. Coaches help encourage, motivate and guide you through the challenges of every day life. Creating lasting goals and achieving them is the reason coaches do what they do. Find out what coaching can do for you.  Read more...

What is Reiki



Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement. It can be effective in helping the body heal from illnesses and traumas, and is always intended to create beneficial calming effect. 
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Is Coaching for me?


Is Coaching for me?

Coaching is for everyone who is looking to energize their life and live their dreams or improve relationships. A coach is there to motivate, guide, and listen and guide you to answer the your questions 
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Leadership Training


Successful Leadership

"Leadership is an understanding. It is an understanding of how to make people perform better, make people better, and make better people all at the same time." - Alex Pelaez

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